Our Poems

Our Poems

We write poems right from our heart, come, enjoy reading with us

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It’s always us!

Blessed are those who have siblings. Happy siblings day.❤️❤️❤️

Won’t you please?

Life is too short to complain, so just cheer and be gratitude for what life has to offer. Click to read this poem 👆


It wasn’t your fault, but the responsibility to heal still falls on you. Heal Offshore Writings

Dear Woman!

I am a woman and am proud of who I am! Happy Women’s day to all the wonderful woman in earth! ❤️❤️

Dear me!

Dear me, You are a good soul and you haven’t cheated anyone when they put their trust on you… You found strength to carry and moved on when problems came your way every now and then… You mastered to overcome your biggest fear – the fear to stand for what you want and you achievedContinue reading “Dear me!”

I learnt…

I learnt…
to be proud of whom I’ve tried to be
and this life I chose to live. Click here to read this poem 👆


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