Our Poems

Our Poems

We write poems right from our heart, come, enjoy reading with us

Heres the list of our Poems. Click on the title to read

Friendship – A ship that never sinks!

A poem about friendship. I’m sure everyone has a friend and this poem is dedicated to all our friends. Happy reading!

I needed you!

Sometimes it takes time to realize that we need our soul mate for ever. Here is a small poem that talks above love!


Everyone is blessed to have a friend! And we are lucky if we could find a true friend. Here is a poem dedicated to my friend. Click in to read fully.

Say Cheese…..

We are were super tired of this lockdown, not visiting family and friends. Here is a small poem that talks about it. Please click in to read fully.

Fake love!

How does it feel to find the love is fake?? Here is a small poem that talks about that fake love!

Dear women!

Women are no less than a man! Here is a small poem dedicated to all beautiful ladies who reads this. Enjoy reading.

Life as they say!

Life is very intersting and here’s a poem about life from the incidents that I’ve observed so far. I’m sure you can relate to most of the lines. Come on, give us a like 🙂

Loving Crown!

Love can be expressed in many ways and one among them is a poem ! Click to read the poem fully.

Dead wish!

A poem that talks about aftermath of break-up! Click in to read fully.

Crown the win!

There comes time when you need to self motivate the inner you! Here is a small poem that talks about the inside me! Please click to read fully.


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