Our Poems

Our Poems

We write poems right from our heart, come, enjoy reading with us

Heres the list of our Poems. Click on the title to read

Dear women!

Women are no less than a man! Here is a small poem dedicated to all beautiful ladies who reads this. Enjoy reading.

Life as they say!

Life is very intersting and here’s a poem about life from the incidents that I’ve observed so far. I’m sure you can relate to most of the lines. Come on, give us a like πŸ™‚

Loving Crown!

Love can be expressed in many ways and one among them is a poem ! Click to read the poem fully.

Dead wish!

A poem that talks about aftermath of break-up! Click in to read fully.

Crown the win!

There comes time when you need to self motivate the inner you! Here is a small poem that talks about the inside me! Please click to read fully.

β€œI still exist!” by Offshore Writer.

Originally posted on Lucy's Works:
When I was still waiting for you, you called me to say β€œLet’s break up!” I thought you were playing a prank on me; But it was the worst I felt when you really meant it. I am cursing myself, it shouldn’t be in my fate! You had reasons…

To a special person!

Happy Brothers day! You are so lucky like me if you have a brother. Here is a small poem dedicated to my wonderful brother


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