Some Funny Posts

All you need to do is, read and laugh! We’ve got you!

Heres the list of our Funny posts. Click on the title to read

How to sleep?

Are you struggling to sleep? Here’s a sarcastic post to help you sleep. Have a good night..!

The daily routine

Bored of having a similar routine everyday? Don’t worry, welcome to the club..! Click to read more..!

People during exams..!

We are past the exam season and here I’ve gathered a list of people that you can find in most of the exam halls. In short, types of people during exams. Click to read fully!

Me vs Slothilda

I came across this funny animated character called Slothilda. I found it very relatable and amusing. Click to ready fully!

Elevators and People

Everybody must have used an elevator in their life. This post is a collection of people inside elevators. Click to read fully..!

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