Second chance!

Today is your second chance! Do you believe this? If yes, then you know how precious each day is! 

Let’s admit: Life is not and can’t be a bed of roses every time! Ups and downs are a part of our lives and these elements make us strong and give us a push to move forward!

Few things in life will not work as we plan, and the rough phase continues more than we expect. Does it mean, we should accept the defeat? Certainly not! Because we still have the second chance and we can work on it to get better.

A second chance is granted to become the better version of ourselves, to make different choices, and to do everything in a different way to succeed the second time!

Second chance is not an option to undo, that allows you to go back and rectify the mistakes and change your past. But it will give an assure, that you can put in your best efforts to be rewarded!

Being given a second chance doesn’t mean that you can hold on, to all the bad memories that suffocated you in the past. Detach from the past and be thankful for today. Let there be a ray of hope that every day is a second chance and you are lucky, yet to breathe while many in their lives don’t get a “second chance”!

Every day is a second chance - motivational quote offshore writing

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