How fast is life?

Do you know how long our life is? We think it is 80+ years that takes all the time in eternity to get completed with each day moving in an ultra slow-motion sequence. No! we are wrong! What do you think happens after you die? People will mourn for days or months perhaps, then you would just be a memory in a digital picture or a Facebook post you posted when you were young. Do you think you will resurrect to get another life and resume it from the place where you stopped the previous life (this is not a video game though)?

You know what? You got one life and that one life is very short and very fast. Lemme tell you the best part of human life! It is the time when you were a kid. Just look at a kid, look at their smile of innocence. No one can scold them, give them work like programming stuff, ask them to do some random things that the adults do at the height of their stupidity. They are just free of all the cares and they are likely to enjoy the whole world. Then comes the schooling. exams, tests, results, final exams, high school, college, graduation, job, blah blah. Just turn back and see how many years you have crossed so fast! All those years went so fast while you were busy studying that H+O2 gives H2O and writing exams that in no way relates to your current job or lifestyle.

The point I would like to place here is that Life is very short, shorter than you even expect and it is also incredibly fast. So kindly enjoy the present rather than regretting the past and worrying about the future. Past is something that cannot be changed and future is something that is dependant on your present. So enjoy each and every moment of your present life. 

Every day, make it an adventure, do things that you love and love the things that you do.

Love and spread love!

Past is something that cannot be changed and future is something that is dependant on your present.”

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