Magical moments!

Have you ever felt deeply recognized by someone for your creative work? Or have you ever felt the magical moments when someone appreciates you? Well, I am sure you did!

It’s so amazing when someone applauds you for your work! And you feel worthy when someone says, Dude! This piece you created is awesome! Yes, it’s so true that we find ourselves satisfied when we hear appreciation from a known or unknown person.

The question now is, does everyone choose to appreciate? No, not really. Few people think, it is not necessary to appreciate and that their appreciation doesn’t make any difference in their lives but you are wrong if you thought so!

You can create magical moments for someone by appreciating them! It has a positive vibration. It keeps them going and you never know, the words of appreciation from you is still pushing them forward!

Appreciation also includes positively handling negative things. You may be a boss, a teacher, a senior, a doctor or a parent, and I am sure your appreciation is a trigger to an achiever!

My daughter helps me only when I start appreciating her. These are few that I use,

  • Wow! That’s a great job.
  • I know this little girl is going to help me now.
  • Mommy is so proud that you chose to help!

I will say these statements when she does not help me, but believe me, this small appreciation tempts her to help and she is in the field to help me out right away!

Likewise, even if you don’t find any improvement in fellow workers or your employees or your juniors or even your little kids, learn to appreciate them, and I am sure you can see the results.

Appreciation is like pulling the trigger that gives achievements!

Appreciation creates Magic! So do not forget to appreciate and remember that you can create magical moments in every one’s life! It helps them to strive harder and to achieve more!

I appreciate all my readers for your valuable time spent on reading this blog and it means a lot to us! 😍

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Appreciation is like pulling the trigger that gives achievements!

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