Expel the failures!

No one can live their life without failing. People fear failure not knowing that it is a standard life experience. That being said, I also know nobody enjoys failing. The sooner we rise determines the sooner we are to triumph!

Failures can weaken your soul and break your spirit but don’t let the failures fix you! Let go of all the negative thoughts and stay strong.

In our hard times, we keep saying

  • I am not good at it…
  • I can’t do this anymore…
  • I am failing every time…

This series will run in our mind when we face failures. Believe me, success isn’t an overnight feat. To be successful you have to pass through valleys, mountains, stumbling blocks, and many more on your way. Fix a winning title on your crown and march towards it.

Don’t let others overwrite your ideas! When you fail, give ear to the one who pats your back and says you can still do it! And learn to ignore the ones who become happy when you fall. They never know you are still trying and not giving up!

Only you know what strength you hold and what you can let go. So don’t fail to pull your strength back and go ahead. The bouquet of strength in you is enough to give the next try. Learn how to stay strong and be positive.

Trust me, days are coming when you will be crowned with victory! Just stay away from all the negative vibes and decorate your mind with success!

Believe me, you can enjoy the fruits of success only when you know how to handle the buds of failure!


Published by Offshorewriter

My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

6 thoughts on “Expel the failures!

  1. Good word! We need to be good at handling failures if we want to be successful. The road is full of hindrances but we need to keep on focusing on the bigger picture at all cost! Thanks for the well crafted reminder.

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