Value the tiny things in life!

Have you ever watched “Hello Kitty” cartoons? And if you did, you are familiar with the iconic white kitty with pink lace, lovely red bow and a chubby cheeks!!
Did you ever notice that the Hello Kitty doll doesn’t have a mouth? Oh, this is for real! Even I didn’t notice it until one day my daughter asked me how the Hello Kitty will eat if it doesn’t have a mouth? Wait! I was pretty much shocked when she asked me that question. She noticed the tiny thing but I didn’t. Though we have many Hello Kitty dolls in our house, I never bothered to look at it.

We often discard paying attention to small things in our busy life. We ignore them because they are least important to us. But, my daughter was concerned about how the Kitty would eat? Hmmm, that’s the real issue. What we discard as least important could be a vital thing for someone else. Now I have to reply to my daughter’s question. So I googled to find out why this Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth. 🤔.
I managed to find the reasons and it’s surprising. Hello Kitty was created in 1970 and is originated from Japan. Her lack of a mouth is that she “Speaks from the heart“. And without mouth means, no language. So Hello kitty isn’t bound to any particular language.
After finding enough information from the online helper, I decided to tell my daughter about it. Earlier, she was upset that Hello kitty didnt have a mouth. Later when I explained, she understood. She said, Okie Mommy, let me draw a Hello Kitty now”. And below is the picture of her drawing!

This little incident helped me understand few things.

1. Pay attention to little things around. May be it holds a deeper meaning to someone. Learn to value the tiny things in life!

2. Speak from the heart. Being honest and truthful is a challenging thing in this selfish world. But being truthful and honest is what everyone longs for.

3.Be universal. We are all divided by nationality and language. But that should never stop us from sharing and caring for one another.

And finally, my daughter was super excited when I told her I am going to share her drawing in my blog!


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My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

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