Let critics stay behind!

Is criticism bothering you too much? Does your heart breaks when people don’t stand by you in your ideas? Are you depressed to face failures? Cool! You are unique and so are your ideas. Failing is not a crime so don’t step back and put a dot.

Set a goal, and keep moving forward. Your goal doesn’t depend on what others say. Don’t blame others for not supporting you, it’s not their job. When you have a dream, then it is in your hands to bring that to reality.

Sometimes you need to keep moving, ignoring the criticism. In the end, you will see pillar of the pinnacle! Believe me, you are doing a great job by continuing in what you are, rather than to sit in a corner and do nothing.

Don’t be saddened, when people don’t recognize you after all your efforts were put in. Push the boundaries to reach your goal! But at times, critics might be true in what they are saying and you have to try from changing the good to best!

Stop asking others, if they are impressed by your work! And if they say yes, perhaps they are forced to say just because you have asked them. Many people will go by a ‘yes’ because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. And if your work really stands out, people will not hesitate to applaud you.

Have you ever heard the birds sing? They sing and we don’t understand, but yet they sing. Few like it and few don’t but the birds never seem to mind all our comments. It still sings and it will sing forever!

Life is so similar. When you have a goal pursue and acheive it, no matter how big the stumbling blocks may come your way. Find a way to break the blocks and keep going. You should be firm in your goal and put your critics behind. Remember that you are actually going forward when you have complaints from critics! Let critics stay behind!

Follow your goal with a zeal!
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