Street watch!

Yesterday, after completing my usual tasks at home, I had nothing more to do. So I decided to take a walk and look around. Since it’s a lockdown period, I could hardly see anyone on the road. I think the fear of getting corona has kept most people confined to their homes.

As I kept walking, I saw a young man with a “volunteer” badge, driving on his bike. He disappeared in a jiffy from my sight. Perhaps he is rushing to extend help to someone who is in need.

A little while later, I saw an old man walking on the pavement. By looking at his face, I could understand he has a lot going on in his mind. Maybe his situation is worse than the corona itself. I never knew the paths he crossed in his life nor the situation that he is in. I sincerely hope there is someone to take care of him and give him the care and love he deserves.

As I kept walking, A lady came in the opposite direction. She was on her mobile phone, talking to someone. She seems to be anxious and worried about something. As she came closer, I could overhear that she was inquiring about someone’s condition in the hospital. Her eyes became wet while she was on the call. And I understood that ‘someone’ is very serious or maybe that person is affected by COVID-19. I prayed in my heart for a moment, that the one who is in the hospital, should recover soon. I could imagine the plight of families whose loved ones were affected by corona.

Just then I realized I walked too far, and I started walking back home. A cat playfully ran before me and snapped me out of my thoughts. Only then I noticed the little creatures running to and fro, as no humans were disrupting their lives now. They would have been puzzled, Good heavens! Where have these selfish human beings gone?

I was almost near my home when a little girl driving her bicycle asked me, What time is it? I was so surprised to see her boldness talking to a stranger. I said it’s half-past five. She immediately turned around and said, Oh my God! my mom gave me only ten minutes, so I have to leave immediately. She waved goodbye with a big smile and went her way. This little girl made me happy! She did nothing special except asking for the time. But Little children with an innocent heart would always make us smile.

The lockdown has locked all of us from meeting people for a while. And because of this, few are left helpless and are stressed. But only is such situations, many realize the value of relationship and how it feels to be lonely with no one to care for. Let’s care for the people around us. We are battling this unknown enemy together. I am sure we will defeat this!

And now, the only thing the world needs is “Kindness and Love” – beyond caste, creed and community!

Published by Offshorewriter

My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

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