Teddy Teddy

TEDDY BEAR is one of the famous cuddly toys we can see all over the world. Teddy Bear is a baby’s best buddy, toddler’s pillow friend and why not adults adorable toy!

My little one would always ask me why these toys won’t come into life and be their best friend. She loves Teddy Bears of all colors and loves to keep it near her pillow when she sleeps.

I have my nephew and If he is offered a Teddy Bear, he would always say it is a girl’s toy and he does not like to play with them. Is that true? Oh, Maybe Yes, because all Teddy Bears are soft toys and the little boys would have thought soft toys are meant for girls!! Maybe it’s true, that they designed in such a way that all the soft toys belong to girls, and all the motor toys belong to boys!

I was just imagining what if all these Teddy Bears – Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty and all the other toys come to life!! My heavens! If this is ever going to happen my little one would grab all the real ones and will lock them in her room to play with them forever.

Even when I was a kid, l had this fantasy world in my mind. I would dreamlike, I was a Rapunzel with long hair and always wanted a palace for me and will presume what if some guy turned up for me to take my hands. Oops, stop there! It was just my imagination. And I am pretty sure every one of us had this fantasy world in our mind when we were kids.

Lately I showed this Teddy Bear video to my daughters, (which I shared below) and they wanted to see this video forever. They keep asking me to play this Teddy Video often, thinking that the real Teddy is performing the Dance. 😃

If the video is not visible/playable, use this link.

Thanks to the one who made this video, my kids are so much entertained!

Please share in comment if your daughters are also crazy in big fat Teddy Bears!

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