Queen of the crown!

She is the Queen;
Who is She?

The one who lifts when I am down;
When people fool me like I am a clown;
She picks me up if I am to drown!

Her love has never fallen short;
The only key is her constant support;
When the world seems to be my helpless court!

She never showed us when she was ill;
And her free time is always nil!
But she’d make sure we are always chill!

Every time I lost my hope;
She’d be there with me to cope;
And reminds me life is just a slope!

Though I failed every time;
She pushed her best to make me climb;
And she kept saying, failure is not a crime!

When every odds took me back;
She taught me how to hack;
And helped me to fix the crack!

In every failures when I cried;
All the corners I would hide;
But she’d be there by my side!

Did you guess that right?

She cooks yummy;
It always filled my tummy;
And I call her Mommy!!

She deserves to be called a queen;
Without her my life wouldn’t mean;
So ‘She’ is the Queen of the Crown!

Dedicated to all the Magnificent Mothers!

Please do read my previous poem here. I wonder.

If you like this poem to be dictated to you. Click play.

Exclusively dictated by Samuel Lawrentz

Published by Offshorewriter

My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

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