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Don’t go through it, grow through it!

You got to have dirt on you to grow into what god got for you!! Here is a motivating post for you today!

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Emotions delivered in a few lines. Read any of our poems that we write from our heart.

Dear Friend!

Friends are heavenly gifts to be treasured! And few will come throughout our life come what may! Here is a poem dedicated to my friend! 👭

But you did!

A farewell poem to the one whom I loved with all my heart! All endings are not a happy ending. 💔

Fresh start!

Though I am struggling to forget the beautiful memories we had, please stay away I am learning to back up and I will restart!


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  1. And yeah, You recently liked my post about “Something MASSIVE is coming” Would you be interested in knowing and being…

  2. So true. Some people judge others wrongly, even if they are right 😒😒


They say, laughter is the best medicine. We’ve got you covered.

Me vs Slothilda

I came across this funny animated character called Slothilda. I found it very relatable and amusing. Click to ready fully!

Life is full of choices, be wise to opt!

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